The Story behind the Brand


I am Martial Kelojou the Little creator the brand Martial Kelojou Group LLc, I believe beauty should be about highlighting the gorgeous features you were born with. I also believe anything you put in your skin should be as natural as it can be. And the product ingredients I use are a reflection of this .Growing up in a family where everything was handmade, from soap to cleaning products, we were clean and green.
Inevitably growing up in such a naturally minded family guided me into my passion in all things natural and organic. My brand is kind to the earth and kind to your skin. My skincare and my cosmetic line are totally and unquestionably unadulterated and embrace the true holistic essence of pure and natural. Free from artificial ingredients created with natural and organic ingredients cruelty free I believe in the passion I have in creating my products.
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, give a girl natural skincare and cosmetics and she will be naturally gorgeous….

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